SMA has rendered consulting services for real estate developers, governmental agencies, lenders nationwide and other design professionals.  Our peer design review and cost estimating work has been done for lenders, governments and design professionals and has included work in HUD’s MAP and LEAN programs and other financing plans.  We are also available for third party design under New York State’s Department of Health design review program.

Our diverse work in architectural design and planning and our expertise in critical areas of the development process allow SMA to offer incisive assistance to our clients in areas not typically served by many architects.  At SMA, we believe that the Architect is a unique member of the project team, offering a comprehensive insight into the development process that is often outside the scope of the experts that populate the modern development team.

Since the founding of the Firm, our consulting work has been an essential element of our practice.  Our areas of specialized interest include:

  • Project Programming
  • Pro Forma Analysis
  • Planning, Zoning and Environmental Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Peer Design Review
  • Construction Cost Evaluation and Estimating
  • Construction Administration, Management and Third Party Oversight